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 Psalm 118:8




Classroom sessions meet at:



 Nease Orthodontics office 


2455 E. Main St. Spartanburg, SC 29307




(This is for classroom session ONLY.)






Teen Class=$320


Online payments or cash only


















 By registering myself or my child for any services, I affirm that I am not/ my child is not , affected by any illness( physical, mental, cognitive) that would prohibit me/ my child from safely operating a motor vehicle. I am not/ my child is not affected by any medications or drugs that would prohibit me/him/her from safely operating a motor vehicle. As the parent, I agree for my child to participate in this driver's education course that includes a classroom session, individual driving lessons, and the road test. Also, if there will be a language barrier between us and the student, please contact us to discuss before registering. Please contact our office with any questions to this disclaimer before registering. By registering and making my deposit, I affirm the above to be accurate.










We are always concerned about the safety and health of our students and staff. We always attempt to wipe down the hard surfaces of our vehicles with antibacterial wipes between each driving lesson. We will continue to do this in order to combat the spread of any type of germs from any type of viruses , including the common cold and flu. We are now requiring ALL of our students to use our provided hand sanitizer before each lesson as another method of prevention. We also ask our parents to be vigilant about the health of their children and if they are sick, please contact us to re-schedule their lessons. We will also do this with our staff. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.  












 The deposit is to register for one of our classroom sessions. The balance of the course is due on the day of the classroom session. Students must attend a classroom session before doing the driving lessons. If you register for a class and do not show, there will be a $25 cancellation fee added to your account. If you need to reschedule, please do so before the day of the class or lesson. Thanks-





Hanna's Driving School, LLC
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Hanna's Driving School, LLC
DUNCAN, SC 29334
ph: (864)621-4723